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Charts and Indicators Component Library

  Java Charts and Indicators Component Library
The Beginning of a new journey . . .

As part of our long-term strategy, we have chosen to focus on Enterprise products and our flagship product, ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence - www.ElegantJBI.com

We had a great run with these products, and we thank all of our customers and partners for making this a great success. We are proud to mention that these products are used by such reputed businesses as IBM, HP, Honeywell, Unisys, and World Bank.

ElegantJ Beans, ElegantJ Charts, and ElegantJ Chart Designer IDE will now be available for purchase only with source code license.

ElegantJ Charts has 100% Java™ components with more than 50 types of Java Charts and Graphs that can be used to design, integrate, and deploy eye-catching charts in just minutes. With ready- to-use XML templates, visually stunning charts are only a few clicks away!

An Indicators and Gauges library is available that will help you effectively display visual controls, levels, and alerts in your application for different requirements.

Our platform-independent ElegantJ Charts Designer IDE helps design unprecedented Java Charts with a unique process and minimal programming effort.

Contact us at sales@elegantJCharts.com for more details on pricing and license terms.

Existing customers can contact us for any support-related information at support@elegantJCharts.com

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