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    Charts and Indicators Component Library

    Java Charts and Indicators Component Library

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    29 April, 2014 ElegantJ Chart - In the spotlight
    Elegant MicroWeb successfully passed ISO Audit for the tenth consecutive year, demonstrating its commitment to Quality Management System (QMS)

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    Client Testimonial
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    Client Testimonial
    Client Testimonial

    "We have found ElegantJ Charts to be extremely flexible and robust. Our developers have found ElegantJ Charts content creation tools intuitive and very powerful, even for the most challenging implementations. And the technical support is outstanding. We look forward to future developments and working together!"

    Andrew Culshaw

    Client Testimonial

    ElegantJ Charts has 100% Java Components with over 50 types of Java Charts and Graphs to design, integrate and deploy eye-catching charts in minutes. With ready to use XML templates, visually stunning charts are just a few clicks away!

    Our platform independent ElegantJ Charts Designer IDE is there to design unprecedented Java Charts with a unique process and least programming efforts. We also have an easily configurable Indicators and Gauges library that would help effectively display visual controls, levels and alerts in your application for different requirements.

    You have reached the right place to evaluate some of the most exceptional offerings of Java Charts in the market today that will save your time and give value for money. Thatís not all. We provide complete technical support with our products to seamlessly integrate our library with your application to your satisfaction.

    So, what are you waiting for?


    Chart Library 2.0


    Java Charts Component Library

    Over 50 chart types with 3D



    N-level Drill-Down with Tool tips &



    Ready to use XML templates to save



    Data binding for varied data sources

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    Download Trial - Chart Library Download Trial Buy Now - Java Chart Components Library Buy Now

    Chart Designer IDE 2.0

    Java Chart Designer IDE

    Platform independent, easy to use


    XML template designer

    Real-time point-and-click WYSIWYG



    Eliminates need for third party IDEs

    Save time and money with ready to


    use templates with least Java


    programming skills

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    Download Trial - Charts Designer IDE Download Trial Buy Now - Chart Designer IDE Buy Now
    Indicators & Gauges 1.1
    Java Indicator & Gauges

    Ready to use Indicators and Gauges

    Easily applicable, customisable alerts,


    levels and controls

    Adaptable attributes to properties

    Includes Numeric Dial, Level, Needle


    and Thermometer Gauge

    More information »
    Download Trial - Indicator & Gauges Download Trial Buy Now - Indicator & Gauges Buy Now

    Bar Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart, Pie Chart, Radar Chart, Combined Chart, Histogram Chart, XYScatter Chart, Bubble Chart, Stock Chart, Doughnut Chart, Numeric Dial Gauge, Level Gauge, Needle Gauge, Thermometer Gauge

    and much more...

    Best Deal in Java Charts !
    Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management Solution
    ElegantJ Charts - What is EJXML?

    Cost Effective -
    OEM License

    OEM License

    Are you losing your position in the market or new business because of lack of charts in your applications?

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    ElegantJ Charts - What is EJXML?
    Snapshots of numerous type and presentation styles of ElegantJ Charts. Charting Components and Gauges Gallery
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    Available Products:
    Chart Library

    Chart Designer IDE
    Indicators & Gauges
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    Chart Library
    Chart Designer IDE
    Indicators & Gauges
    Download Trial - ElegantJ Chart Library, Chart Designer IDE, Indicator & Gauges
    Sample Application
    See real charts and indicators in action here.......
    Chart Library
    Indicators & Gauges
    Download Java Charts, Indicators and Gauges Sample Application
    Java Charts in Minutes!
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